Q. Can you please explain what Obscura Land is and how it works?

A. It’s quite simple really. Obscura Land is a unique kind of publisher that produces a new limited edition photo book project every three months. These publications are only available through a Quarterly Subscription right here on this website.

The Subscription is available in three different packages:

Meat – Quarterly Subscription: A staple in a hearty photo book diet. The main book/books for each quarters project.

Meat + Potatoes – Quarterly Subscription: It’s tasty by itself, but Meat is even better when it comes with Potatoes. The main book/books, plus things like a slipcase, an additional volume, postcards, a poster & Obscura Land trinkets, depending on the quarters project.

Meat + Potatoes + Gravy – Quarterly Subscription: Meat + Potatoes sounds savory, but you want something more? Well that’s just Gravy. Everything from the Meat + Potatoes package plus a 16×20″ photo print to make things extra delicious.

When you are subscribed to one of these packages, you’ll receive a delectable new publication 4 times a year. Please note that if you are vegetarian or vegan, your meat, potatoes and gravy will be animal free. Obscura Land’s branding has a kitschy 1950’s vibe, but the work we publish is by serious fine art photographers.

Q. What if I only want the current publication and don’t want a subscription?

A. Subscribe right now to receive the current publication and then cancel before the next publication launches. We’re super happy you want our current project, but we’re pretty sure you’ll also like our next project. So it’s your loss if you decide not to stay. Just remember you’ll need to to cancel your subscription, otherwise Obscura Land books will keep coming every three months — which certainly wouldn’t be a bad thing. We understand sometimes putting real meat and potatoes on the table might take priority over getting a a new photo book every three months, so if you do need to cancel, you can always re-subscribe in the future. 

Q. Am I obligated to maintain the subscription?

A. Of course not. You can cancel your subscription anytime. But once your credit card runs you are committed to that project and will receive the current publication.

Q. Will I be able to buy Obscura Land books if I don’t subscribe?

or Will I be able to buy your books at other book sellers? 

A. The only way to be sure to get an Obscura Land publication is to subscribe to one of our three quarterly subscription packages. We know that some booksellers subscribe themselves in order to get our publications during the three months they are available to sell them in their stores. But there is no guarantee they will be available, and they will almost certainly cost more as booksellers will likely add their own substantial markup.

Q. Are your books, prints and other cool stuff REALLY limited edition or are you just saying that to make them sound better?

A. We wouldn’t do you like that. Everything Obscura Land produces is limited edition and ONLY available to people who subscribe during the three months the project is available. Once the project closes, we’ll only produce enough to fulfill our orders, ship them out, and then throw away the key. We won’t make any more after the three month window they’re available has closed. So if you want our current quarters project, you’ll need to subscribe now to get it.

Q. I am bookstore, museum shop or other cool place that wants to sell Obscura Land books, can I get a wholesale price?

A. If you’re in the industry, you understand the high cost of producing great photo books, and realize that our prices are near wholesale already. We’re not doing this to bolster our personal fortunes, but to promote artists, put together great photo books of their work and sell them to cool people. We’ve found that cool people find cool booksellers, so while we do not offer a “normal” wholesale price on our books, we will give ANYONE who wants to buy 5 of the Meat + Potatoes or the Meat + Potatoes + Gravy packages a 15% discount. You don’t have to be a bookseller to get this special price, all you need to do to get this sweet deal is subscribe to 5 of those packages at once.