Since Daguerre first fixed an image on a metal plate, photography has helped shape the way we see the world.

At its birth, photography upset painters who believed the images were telling lies.

Roll film made it possible to easily document life’s greatest and most tragic moments.

The art world took decades to accept the photograph as a form of art.

The computer disrupted the decades-long status quo and redefined photography’s place in our lives.

Today the photo has become a commodity where billions of people take photos every day only to forget them seconds later.

At Obscura Land we are dedicated to preserving the art of photography in physical form.

We believe in surrounding ourselves with rich aesthetics that sharpen the senses and stimulate the mind. To this end, Obscura Land produces inspiring photographic investigations in the form of limited edition books, prints and other items.

We want each project we produce at Obscura Land to function as a work of art in itself, with a level of experimentation in its production, imagery and ideas. Amidst the deluge of fleeting imagery we’re exposed to everyday, Obscura Land subscribers receive unique physical publications with compelling images worth experiencing over and over.

Obscura Land was founded by two Detroit based photographers who have known each other for a long time and have an amazing support team behind them.

Noah Waldeck is a fine art photographer, curator, and expert printmaker. His work focuses on the exploration of the unseen yet ever-present imagery that makes up the American landscape. Often shooting while on the road, he examines vernacular culture in relation to place, language, architecture and landscape. He received his BFA in Photography from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. 

Noah is the founder and curator of the contemporary photography gallery and publisher Subjectively Objective, which focuses on contemporary landscape and conceptual work that embraces the inherent subjectivity of the photographic medium. He also operates Light & Ink Imaging, a custom lab which specializes in providing artists with museum-quality fine art printing, digital imaging, and mounting and framing services. Noah serves as a board member at the Detroit Center for Contemporary Photography.

Daniel Eller is a creative director, installation artist, filmmaker and photographer. He has extensive experience with advertising, marketing, digital and print media and was an early adapter of digital art and photography. He first used a computer to create art with a Commodore Amiga at his high school in 1988. In the early 1990’s, as a College for Creative Studies student, he was one of the first students at the school to use a computer to create fine art using digital technology. After graduating with a BFA in photography, Daniel received a grant from the Michigan Council for the Arts for three years (1995, 1996, 1997) as an artist-in-residence for digital art.

Daniel is currently a creative director at BxB Media where he guides web development and video production. He has been involved in many creative and community activities in the City of Detroit including the development and documentation of Pingree Farms since 2009.