Volume 4 – Meat + Potatoes Cocktail


Only Available Until September 30th

Projected Ship Date: TBD

This exact same package is available as part of our Quarterly Subscription for less money (and you can always cancel at any time), but we're making it available as a Cocktail to satisfy those of you who are adverse to subscribing to things.



Volume 4: Selected Occurrences — Meat + Potatoes



A unique book made up of three 26.75×39″ sheets of paper quarter folded to make a large scale 13.375×19.5″ book. Each sheet features one of three photographers who have been capturing occurrences in American life in recent years.

  • Martin Cartagena’s work documents New York City street life.
  • Isabel Magowan’s work focuses on themes of youth, societal obligation, expectations, and isolation.
  • Satoki Nagata’s work documents the lives of the people living in the Caribni-Green Rowhouses in Chicago.

Each photographers work is present on a single sheet with 4 pages when folded and a single poster image on the reverse side. There are over 95 images presented in the Meat package in this stunning large format. To fully appreciate the book it must be interacted with, taken apart and unfolded.


Rounds out the project with:

  • A fourth 26.75×39″ sheet from 18 year old photographer Nico Young from Santa Monica California whose work documents friends, school and teenage life.
  • A fifth 26.75×39″ sheet from photographer Jamie Diamond whose work recreates life using strangers from Craigslist and hyper-realistic dolls and the women interact with them.
  • A recycled paper folio that holds all five sheets in a completed book. Includes a statement about the project.
  • Ten – 5×7″ note cards with 2 images from each of the five photographers in the project. The cards are blank inside and come with envelopes for mailing.
  • A 6″ wide die cut Obscura Land sticker.

There are over 150 images in the Meat + Potatoes Package!

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