Obscura Land: Volume 7 + Investigations in Infrastructure Submission Fee


Submit your work to two great Book & Exhibition Call for Entries at a $5 discount!

Selected artists from both calls will have their work included in a book, online exhibition, & physical exhibition in Detroit

Everyone who submits to Obscura Land: Volume 7 will receive a $15 credit towards purchasing the resulting book project

Everyone who submits to Investigations in Infrastructure is entitled to a FREE COPY* of the resulting book

Submitting to Investigations in Infrastructure gives you a chance to be showcased in one Subjectively Objective of associate curator Valérie Timmermans’ Features

The Submissions Deadline for both Calls is June 22nd, 2020 



Obscura Land: Volume 7 – Call for Entries

Obscura Land is accepting submissions of up to 20 images for Obscura Land: Volume 7, an upcoming photo book project & exhibition. The Submissions Deadline is June 22nd, 2020.  Obscura Land Volumes are in depth photo book projects that aim to function as art objects in their own right. The submission fees will go towards creating the best Volume 7 possible. Everyone who submits will receive a $15 credit towards purchasing the resulting book project, regardless of whether their work is accepted. In addition to appearing in the book and online exhibition, accepted artists will also have the opportunity to participate in a physical exhibition at Subjectively Objective‘s Detroit area gallery space.

We’re interested in seeing all types of photography for Volume 7.

Investigations in Infrastructure – Call for Entries

Our sister publishing project, Subjectively Objective, is accepting submissions of up to 20 images for the upcoming book & exhibition, Investigations in Infrastructure, curated by Noah Waldeck. The Submissions Deadline is June 22nd, 2020. Everyone who submits is entitled to a free copy*of the book, regardless of whether your work is accepted. Accepted artists will appear in the book, online exhibition, and physical exhibition at Subjectively Objective’s Detroit area gallery space.

Submitting also gives you a chance to be showcased in one of associate curator Valérie Timmermans’ FeaturesThe sooner you submit, the greater your chance of being one of Valérie’s Features.

We’re defining “Infrastructure” in the broadest possible terms, so we’re interested in seeing any contemporary landscape, conceptual, portrait, or documentary work depicting an underlying system that forms the basis of the world around us. So don’t let the title limit you. If you want an idea of the type of imagery we’re particularly interested in, take a look at Observations in the OrdinaryVolume 2: Subjectively ObjectiveThe Vernacular of Landscape, our Instagram Gallery, or any of our other publications. Don’t hold back though, we’re always looking out for ways to feature or publish good work, even if it isn’t right for this publication.

*Plus shipping costs. Once the publication is ready, you’ll be able to return to the store to pay for shipping and confirm your address. We will make sure that shipping is as affordable as possible.

Follow ups to our previous call for entries, Observations in the Ordinary and The Vernacular of Landscape, which resulted in books featuring 192 artists, physical exhibitions in Detroit and NYC, online exhibitions, numerous Instagram features, and 35 Subjectively Objective monograph magazines for artists who submitted (with even more on the way, including some full size monographs). We received so much great work that it’s never possible to include everything, so even if you’ve submitted before, we’d love to see your work again!

Once you’ve paid your submission fee, you’ll be able to download two PDF’s which provide further instructions on the submissions process for both Call for Entries.